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Freestanding Combi Steam Oven
  • Fine grinding, frameless, brushed stainless steel shell with Black integrated glass

    Electronic control

    Touch-sensitive button operation


    Recipes by Cimatech

  • Cooking functions

    • Conventional heating
    • Pure steam
    • Steam with hot air


    Steam temperature range: 40˚C - 100˚C

    Maximum convection temperature: 200˚C

    Stainless steel cavity

    Water refill reminder

    Cleaning reminder

    Auto menus

    Defrost and fermentation

    Cleaning features:

    • Automatic descaling
  • 22L usable volume

    Water tank capacity: 1.2L

    Steam power: 1600W

    Convection power: 800W

    Voltage & frequency: 220V / 50Hz

  • Supplied: metal rack, oil tray, food tray (only for vegetables)

  • Product dimensions (W x D x H): 496 x 385 x 380 (mm)

  • Made in China